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A Fat Story

Crazy about succulents?
For a little bit of love and only a minimum of water and care, succulents reward you with lots of love. Yes indeed, Fabulous Fat Friends are inseparable, cheek by jowl, just like man and animal.

The story continues ...
The Fabulous Fat Friends succulents are grown at the natural rhythm of the seasons. They are super resilient. This allows you to build a lasting relationship with them and to create your own story. Tell us your 'fabulous fat story' on social media #fabulousfatfriends.

Our assortment of succulents

The Fabulous Fat Friends assortment of plants comprises Sempervivum, succulents and cacti.

Here you can discover all the INDOOR and OUTDOOR Fabulous Fat Friends.
“Are you a crazy succulent person?”

Behind the scenes

Get to know the Gielis family. They own the succulent nursery in Westerlo, currently the market leader in Belgium in the cultivation of Sempervivum and indoor succulents.

Jef Sr., Jef Jr. & Jan Gielis, the founders and driving force behind Fabulous Fat Friends, grow INDOOR and OUTDOOR succulents which they supply to wholesale businesses, cash&carry, and garden centres all over Europe.

Where to buy

Find your favourite Fabulous Fat Friends at the nearest retail outlet or wholesale outlet (only for retailers).


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